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The easiest and most secure way to hold your lens cap!

"Great little accessory - If you are tired of losing or misplacing your lens covers, this is the best solution" - Monte

"This is a great product! Even though I haven't lost a camera lens cap yet, I could never find an ideal place to put it when I take pictures. This lens cap holder is very easy to use. I would say it's a great investment for anyone who has an SLR camera" - Maria

Genius - Why didn't I think of it?" - TGR (USA)

"Very simple product. Thread it through the strap and clip on your lens cap. Thought about getting one of lens cap lanyard that attached with adhesive but though it might just peel off so I bought this for my wife." - Javier Chavez

"I have lost ONE THOUSAND and THIRTY TWO lens caps. I need one of those things in 58mm :)" - Rubi Doo

"I have been taking pictures with digital cameras for at least 15 years now, and it was only recently that I purchased an SLR camera. I love the step-up in quality and it was certainly a great thing to invest money on with a new baby in the house. But I have lost too many lens caps, so I thought I would try some products to keep them from disappearing."

"After trying a couple of the cheap ones on here, I found the Camera Buckle. And it is AWESOME!

"I use it all the time. I always know where my cap is. And what is even better, I can wear it on my belt! I don't think that is in the advertising, but it should be. I wear a belt with my shirt tucked in all the time, and i always have a place for my cap holder, so I never lose it. GREAT product. I can't say enough about it" - Mark Parslow